Just found this over there at
Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell to Make Us Miserable
It may look funny at first but it hurt me some how…

oh man, that is good!

why does ink cost sooo much…My printer is over 6 years old, and am stilling spending $60 for combo packs

Fact: printer ink costs more than human blood.

CG…that one is a real killer… :smiling_imp:
I am thinking of buying one of these monster (All-in-one)…(I was postponing this thought for long)
Just reviewed over the net a decent one…
I hope it will remain like that…well, I will be giving him the prime location in my house.

I’d recommend not buying an all in one.

I’ve had my scanner for 8 years! In that time I’ve had 5 printers.

An IT guy recommended that I buy the cheapest photoreal printer, and just donate it to a place that will fix it and distribute it to people with need when it breaks in 12-18 months. It’s disgusting, but I refuse to spend a lot on these garbage printers.

CG: hot.

Yo: Good point. I am peeved with my printer. I upgrade to Windows 7. Guess what: I can get drivers for my old HP Scanjet 4670 (circa 2003). However, my two year old Lexmark: forget-about-it.

Whatever happened to the promise of a printer with a whole line of inkjet nozzles on it so the head doesn’t have to go back and forth across the page ? Is it just a case of economics ?

I hate printers too

They are just not sustainable. I bought a A3 photo real jobby for boards a few years back. Cost me around £400, the Ink cartridges (total of 8!) cost roughly £20 each and then the top qulaity paper cost around £1 per sheet.

Suffice to say after depleting the Ink at the speed of light I soon sold it on. Even the crap a4 printers take the piss. My solution was to befriend a guy in the printing industry, job done.

I’ve still got my 6 year old scanner though.

This is from Matthew Inman, his personal site.

more specificly his site which is a fantastic website, that has given me more entertainment than i care to admit.

Is there a Cash for Clunkers program for Printers…High Gas Guzzlers or Ink Guzzlers! Should get a economic stimulus refund for designers…