Useful design intelligence

I’ve been using InVision’s products for awhile now on a project that I’m working on. It is fair to say that what they are doing strikes close to the zeitgeist of what is going on with design/management/business in Silicon Valley at the moment. They are fairly concise at explaining their approaches to a lot of issues that effect designers operating in the tech space.

Download the pdf and listen to the companion audio book on soundcloud to understand their take on their new upgraded definition of Design Engineering.

For the parody of what is going on in Silicon Valley right now check Ryan Long comedy…

“Useful Design intelligence”

  1. We’re asked to sign up for what looks like company produced promotion.
  2. We’re asked to watch a snarky and unfunny video about corporate diversity.

Can you make your OP a little more sussinct with a point of view so people can engage?


InVision puts out a lot of decent info for free - well sometimes at the price of a burner email signup. Their earlier Design Intelligence survey was pretty good. Their tools are good as well. The linked video - the first one - didn’t say anything novel besides “show clients sketches that represent the level of design completion”. Video #2 might be funny to some people, but is not really related to the first one.

When I’ve worked on apps (pretty rare), manager always forced me to present things that looked finished. Everyone has an opinion on font, but only usability people seem to have opinions on how things actually work. Unfortunately, that process leads to a lot of meetings about fonts, colors and icons on top of a lackluster frame. No surprise, the end products disappointed.

On the other hand, it made me realize the genius of my signature quote. I wish management schools told managers to define a direction and then let experts do the work of getting the project done.