Useful Art - Design of Everyday Objects!

Its been quite some time now that i am working on a self initiated project: Useful Art - design of everyday objects!

I would like you all to know WHY am i doing it.

I am first trying to build up my identity…philosophy of design and its application…for that i create my own examples.
Most of what you see as part of my Useful Art project is about maifesting my thoughts.

Please click on the link below of see few of my works :

whoa dude way tooo cerebral for moi !

Hey Paul_

I’ve been watching you build that inventory on coroflot. I like the thinking… In my opinion, it is actually not very cerebral at all, well designed products that people use every day, kind of upping the ante on the design of things people actually need vs gadgets. Good stuff.


I need to redeem myself…i didn’t mean your designs were too cerebral…maybe it was my reaction to the post itself…on a different note…the designs of yours that I enjoyed very mucho were:

The disposable mug…very economical…I like the cube design vs. the cylindrical staple…I designed something similar…more down the lines of the capri sun’s style pouch…with a beverage dispenser…with refillable, disposable pouches for drinking your favorite beverage…kudos…very brave standpoint…

The dust pan…you know what I remember seeing this one before…very memorable design…very simple, practical…I think I want one…

The DOG clip…very cool…very funny…refreshing…

The OAN Pen…I’m a sucker for pens…and yours is sweeeeeet.

everything interesting begins in the mind!

Hello Paul,

I love your work. Very simple yet funtional and beautiful products. Even dough, I have to argue a little bit about the theory of your title “Useful Art”.

The argument is the definition itself. Art is not intended to have a purpose, it is not a problem solving discipline and not though to be mass produced. It also does not contemplate an efficient interaction with the user.

The government in Argentina is trying to promote design, but people gets confused and tend to interpret Designers as Artists. Personally this somehow upsets me because we are not taken seriously as professionals. Design is not about inspiration and self expression, we work with a methodology to create useful products that comply with clients and markets requirements. As Bonsieppe says, it is dangerous for design to be taken as a trend or fashion, because it takes the risk of getting dated. Also, confusing design with art makes everybody a designer… the hair stylist is now a hair designer?

You can read about this from Gui Bonsiepe or Tomas Maldonado. Tomas Maldonado is an Argentinian that formulated the definition of Industrial Design adopted by the ICSID in 1969.

Industrial design is a creative activity whose aims is to determine the formal qualities of objects produced by industry. These formal qualities are not only the external features but are principally those structural and functional relationships which convert a system to a coherent unity both from the point of view of the producer and the user. Industrial design extends to embrace all the aspects of human environment, which are conditioned by industrial production.”

I don’t know why but there seems to be a great confusion about this, think for example about the title from some of the design Colleges (BA or BFA). Maybe is just an idiomatic thing.

Anyway, it’s so good to see good designers from emerging markets.More diversity could make this forum even better. Personally I would also like to hear more from our colleagues from Europe and Asia.

Best regards and keep up you good work!


I’m so happy to see simple design. These are definitely the products I personally go gaga over. I don’t ever feel the need to purchase electronics (ok, I lie… sometimes) and this is right up my alley.

First thing I noticed was the dust pan and next was the dog. Some of the items I had a little difficulty understanding what they were. There’s always the battle of not knowing what it is without context.

“Shrink” is scandalous :laughing: (this first image she’s naked, but later she’s covered… and its for a foot, right?)