Usage of logotypes in concept pictures?

I recently submitted a project to a design contest and according to the instructions you were
completely allowed to use their brand logos in the pictures you even got a link to download
the logos on the competition website.

Since I wanted to get feedback from more experienced designers (namely all you great core77 members :slight_smile: )
I wanna post my pictures in the forums.

Do I have to remove the logotype on these pictures or is it ok to leave them as is cause thats
the way they were submitted to the contest?

In general to what extent are you allowed to use corporate logos?
Say for example that you are specifically making a product for a certain company
like if you try to make your dream Ferrari etc could you use the Ferrari logo in the pictures?

Thx for listening/ AquaStealth

It is cool to use logos in personal portfolio or competition concepts, your fine.

Thx Yo for a fast answer!

Have to say Im really impressed with some of you experienced people in this forum
who seem to be answering questions everywhere, how do you find the time :slight_smile:

Hope you feel how appreciated and inspiring that is.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks man…