Usability Project website

I’d appreciate any criticism or feedback for my 3rd year studio Usability Project:


First off, I almost missed the menu at the top as it is above the title. Was gonna say that the presentation is way too meager with only a before and after shot… :unamused:

The presentation isn’t the most beautiful, but it is quite clear and, well, abundant.

Overall, I find it to be a bit wordy however, as I couldn’t be bothered reading all of it… Some parts, especially the Scenario I think, could be trimmed a bit.

A few questions and comments below:

  • How does your unit provide “secure storage, protection and transportation for the components and also for user belongings.” - Especially if you need to leave it, or take it up the stairs / over doorsteps on your own.

  • The “Analysis” is a bit unclear, and consists mostly of observations, rather than actual analysis and insights. These are either lacking or not put in words. In some cases there isn’t even really an issue. Take for example “storage”. “There is not enough external storage for user belongings and equipment” would be an issue. An insight might then be: “Convenient space for user brought lecture equipment, such as external harddrives and books, is a must. Extra space for other personal belongings would be nice, but might be lower in priority than mobility.”

  • Many of the issues can be combined. E.g. Size, manouverability, and wheels.

  • The presentation could be a bit more “graphic” at times, to help communicate some concepts. For example, the features overview page could be tidied up, maybe with simple graphics / icons to help explain some concepts quickly. I’m left wondering here what “onion skin security” is, and just what part is timber…

  • A maximum of 787mm desktop height seems very low for a speaker who might prefer to stand.

  • I feel that the digital user experience part (basically the instructions), is a bit superfluous. Time might have been better spent focusing a little bit more on some of the other issues.

Well, that turned into a bit longer post than I thought it would, sorry about that, hope it helped in some way :slight_smile:
It was great seeing all those process photos by the way, it’s nice to see a well documented project. Thanks for posting it.


thankyou for the feedback and apologies for not replying sooner.

It was a very research heavy project, so lots of text. One of the projects goals was that the scenario was to be driven by the persona which was driven by the research, and in turn the persona/scenario guided the product design. I found this approach really helpful, but I’ll look at editing future scenarios/ personas for ‘client’ presentation.

You are right about the presentation, graphics are something I need to work on. The brief was to present using a ‘free’ website ( so I had to use the supplied templates, plus I have no html/ css skills, so I couldn’t change things like the size of the page banner (too big) or the drop down menus.

“Onion Skin security” is many small layers of small security, rather than one big layer. The idea is to not provide one ‘bulletproof’ option, but many little options, that make theft a hassle so any possible thief would look for something easier to steal.

Hi Sanchez

As said before, I missed out the top menu bar because the background picture is too contrasting in black colours.

Clicking on the top bar for each section for the same project is time consuming and gets irritating, something like a long scroll would be preferred.

In your homepage, for your render, you could do some Photoshop to it, to remove the dull background which pulls down the overall work.