USA Lapel Pin by Michael Bierut

This was supposed to be a “politically neutral” design… So am I the only one that sees a dollar sign and a bomb?

Unfortunately, this thing is just lame. A quick letter lock like this looks like a 30 minute exercise by a sophomore design student. With so many great ways you could go with this, tisk tisk Vogue.

I do see the dollar bill and bomb cg… any sophomore year professor would have steered his student to a more elegant solution.

Upside down and it’s Japanese.


Maybe this should be the next core77 10 Minute design challenge?

I’d say he definitely phoned that one in. Yes, its unexpected. My question is what is so partisan about a simple American flag? It’s not like either candidate has customized the flag to read Obama 08 or McCain Palin USA or something.


yup, weak graphics treatment and adds nothing more to the identity. if they somehow had done something interesting, making an arrow, eagle or other such contrived shape at least it would be more than a few letters that aren’t more than the sum of its parts.

next 1HDC- good idea. i’d take a crack at that!


wha??! no canucks! :wink:

i would throw down on some USofA lapel action.

I also don’t understand what is partisan about the flag, a confederate flag sure, but not the stars and stripes.

I didn’t see the bomb or the dollar sign…but I only glanced. Now I see them!

My first reaction was, “hmmm, a 1960’s US Olympic team pin”. Am I the only one?


I saw a bomb, dollar sign, missle, and the yen, it’s insulting.

Although probably more likely to be worn by McCain (My Vote) than Obama, but those fans of College Gameday have seen this pin before. A personal favorite of mine, the B-2 Bomber Flag lapel pin. Made popular by Lee Corso.

Ah, the stealth bomber, nothing more American then building a factory in an impoverished area, having the poor schmucks make the think out of ’ top secret stuff’. have them get cancer and push the class action suite back until they all die off.

The Beirut pin is getting lots of press, but I’m with all of you, nothing to write home about.