USA-based soft goods sample maker?

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a USA-based sample maker that can make a small number (veeeery small, like 3) of bag samples before we begin production in Asia. We’re using some tricky materials and zipper configurations that our current sample maker can’t handle.

Any ideas?

Blick’s Bags might be able to accommodate you. They make all their prototypes and produce their line in Cleveland, Ohio.

You could also try these guys.

I know that post is old but if you need help in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hi all -
I’d like to revive this topic - anyone know a good low-volume soft good manufacturer in USA? With neoprene experience? Looking for someone ASAP - thanks for any leads.

We use Agora leather in Florida for softgoods including neoprene stuff.

thanks very much! i’ll check Agora out.

on another line of thought …i’m not acquainted with any of the guys at BuiltNY - I’d love to know if they have a local neoprene resource, as I’m in NY too - anyone have a friend there to make the cold call a bit smoother?

Ringit Gurlich at Acme Studio, SF. Check out her portfolio.