US work VISA

can i apply for one?
does some one from the US have to sponsor me?
if the latter is the case
do i have to convince them I am worth it?
or do they think its just a big waste of their time and money?
please help cos i am sick of living in SCOTLAND

Work VISAs have become increasingly hard to get due to government legislation after 9/11. The process is also lengthy and costly for an employer which may often not want to bother.

Try getting hired by a company in Scotland and then pursue a transfer to their US offices as an expat instead.

you don’t know how GRIM scotland is…
i mean its just not pleasant to live…
the weather is absolutely poo poo

i totally understand the employer
i heard that it can take up to six months give or take three months
i wouldn’t want to wait that long then again if i had to wait six months to work in the US i would gladly sacrifice that time

You may be eligible for the green card lottery.

I STRONGLY recommend that you look to the source (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) for valid information concerning visas:

There are also numerous sites and online forums that deal with these matters. they may be helpful (some have lawyers who answer questions) but you can’t trust that information 100% because it’s not coming from the source. They may be a good introduction to all this, because they tend to be worded in non-legalese. Here are example sites:

If you’re serious about pursuing this, do your research and be prepared to have to wait, spend a substantil amount of money, and/or take a position solely because of the via it offers. Good luck.

It seems to me that someone who’s Scottish is ineligible for the lottery, as Great Britain (by which I think they mean the United Kingdom) is ineligible. That is, unless you have a spouse or parent who’s eligible. Anyway, don’t depend on what people, including me, have to say. Go to the source.

are they the same thing?
if not are work permits easier to obtain than green cards?

all the sites mentioned above are not very straight forward and it seems that everytime i click on a link its square one and i ve been going around circles like a bloody monkey


Actually, the links I provided give much of the same information in language varying from simple to legalese. These matters are not simple or straightforward! You can use the non-government sites as an introduction, and even post your query there (where it belongs, rather than on a design board), but the government site is where the information can be trusted for its accuracy. Even still, you may need to consult with someone in the immigration office concerning your specific situation. If you’re still confused, then gather up all your questions and do an hour-long consultation with an immigration attorney. A couple hundred bucks could really help to clarify things for you.

A work permit allows you to work legally in the U.S. for a specified amount of time. A green card gives you Permanent Resident Alien status, which means that you can legally work indefinitely (or be unemployed without having to leave). It also allows you to eventually apply to become a naturalized citizen.

Honestly, you need to take your questions to an expert. I’m telling you everything that I believe to be true about this, but don’t trust anonymous designers to give you legally accurate information.

bottomilne, you have two options.

one. get offered a job by a US based company willing to sponsor you (basically ask the government to allow you a work visa because they really need you.)

two. study in the states and try to turn an internship into a full time job.

the us f visa (study) allows you to move to an h visa (work visa). a greencard is the next step after the h visa. the only ways to bypass an h visa (and qualify for a greencard) is to marry an american or somehow become naturalized. short of this, intercompany transfers will get you a work visa (e type i think) that is much like the h visa.

not sure when you are allowed to apply for a greencard but i think you need to already be on a visa other than a tourist visa.

seems like a lot of designers are quite happy to want to work in the eu which you immediately qualify for. i am pretty sure you would be able to get a foot in the door at a later date if you have some experience in the uk or eu.

my $.02 good luck.

I’ve just finished my H-application today!
I can tell you it is extremely hard to find a company that will sponsor you these days. Here is some opinion after experiencing this horrible process of getting hire in America…

-First, a killer portfolio is the standard. DO NOT look at other American designers and compare. If you are not at least 5 times better, don’t even think about work VISA( well…maybe be a little extreme, but you should always maintain high standard for yourself)

-Then find a company that is not huge but more than 5 employers. Because when there is way too many competition, VISA is one big issues for the HR. Think about it, if 3000 citizen is fighting of one position. 30 talented applicants are citizen, it’s hard for them consider the non-resident.

-Get an address in US or travel here. Unless the company is very wealthy or you are applying to a higher position, Most companies will not fly you across the world for an interview.

-F-1 helps getting you into the door of America. Not get you into the door for H-Visa. I can count my year of graduation with 15 students designers ( Foreigner) I am the only one still remains in America “working”. They all A: went home after OPT, B: moved to Canada or other countries C: just go to study Master Degree. or D: Married a American. There IS other ways to Stay in America after OPT expires. Check out maybe you can invest like a million dollar, then the Americans would love to have you here.

-65000 lucky winner for H-1B everyyear. You might as well enter the Green card Lottery! I think 50,000 people every year get choosen for that!? The chances of you getting marry might be higher than getting the H-1B in some cases…

-GDer explained well on the differences on H- visa and green card. I think.

-H-1B is not that expensive. it’s about $1500 for normal process, $2500 for speed up process. It’s the attorney fee and the long process really counts. Also having to meet the 65000 quota is also a headache.

Well… I cant think of much after going though all those paper work with my attorney. I just went through the VISa process this year. So those info is pretty good for this year. But you never know since the US has been changing their laws towards us every other month…

but good luck anyway. my love!