US Job Market improving, finally ?

Is the jobmarket improving for ID`ers ?

  • YES
  • NO
  • Design Services ar moving offshore rightnow

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As I am from Germany I´m not constantly looking into the american job market, but I did a search at monster today and read the following phrases amongst others:

  • Benefits include medical, 401K, flexible spending plans, and significant employee discounts, in addition to a very generous salary.

  • we are actively seeking an experienced …

  • relocation assistance

  • is aggressively seeking an Industrial/Product Designer

  • full benefits package

So it can´t be all that bad. Is it?

Is this impression totally offbeat?

From what I´m reading on the net I do have the impression that everybody want´s to work in one of the “hot” agencies at the coast, what means that almost nobody is willing to work in Pittsburgh or xxx “Little Town Nowhere Ohio”

The next thing is that all those employers are looking to hire somebody that has broad experiences or at least a horizon that also includes marketing and /or engineering basics and has a “down to earth approach” on team work.

Why is it obviously difficult for them to find candidates meeting those criteria?

Discuss :

Hey! I Live in “Little Town Nowhere Ohio”. Where are the Jobs? Throw me a bone here.

yeah, and I live on the Left coast and want to come home to the midwest.

so where’s mine?

oh, you only want to pay me 35K a year…


yeah I moved back here too,…my pay got cut in HALF. But then again I can buy a 2000 ft craftsman house in livable condition here for around 150K…

no surf tho…

wish there had been option “ID jobs stable”. as economy improves there will be jobs. but there are alot of graduates entering workforce. and still lots of laid off IDers hunting. and there is still work going overseas.

i think ID jobs are “stable”. growing w economy but not enough to employ new grads.

I really think this is the best time to be an independent designer, working on a contract basis and hustling after jobs. If you’re good, and have a way to do some serious modeling (CAD) you can find all kinds of work these days.

The contract manufacturers and overseas designers are for the bottom tier of products. Any company who wants a personal relevant design effort should use a domestic-based designer. There are tons of little projects that can support an independent designer - it’s all about making contacts.

So yes and no - the market is not really improving, and firms aren’t going to hire in droves, but there is enough new work (relative to 2002) to go around.