US based Hush Puppies Contest

Hey everyone,
The shoeperstar contest our UK division ran last year was a pretty big success for them, and they received way more submissions than they expected, Our US marketing team wanted to do the same over here and we have partnered with a local fashion design event to use as a platform.

Here is the link on the website for more info;

I can find out more information about the criteria but as of now all the info is on the site. Since its paired with a fashion design event its meant to be open to creativity and not necessarily specific like “design a mens leather boot” or a “womens tailored wedge”.

just passing the info along.

Is one entrant able to submit multiple entries? For example, could I submit one men’s shoe and one women’s shoe? Thanks!

be sure to read the rules pdf on the link, i just looked it over.
It says one entry per person and each entry is supposed to be 1 mens or womens shoe.

I asked because I saw the “LIMIT ONE (1) ENTRY PER PERSON” line, but didn’t know if this applied to entrants who wanted to submit once for men’s footwear and once for women’s footwear because the entries were limited to one or the other. Thank you for clearing it up.

hey everyone, just an update on the contest info. $1000 cash prize to the winner. its being managed by the marketing dept so its a pretty straightforward brief, id say for students and non students alike you can probably knock it out on a weekend. I imagine stuff might come in closer to the deadline, but i guess they havent gotten alot of entries in yet, so chances could be pretty good to win.

the detailed info is still on the hush puppies website.