US-based Engineer looking at European graduate programs

I’m currently a US-based Industrial Engineer looking at product development graduate degrees in the US and Europe. I have three years of manufacturing/process improvement experience and a solid foundation in 3D parts design and illustration. I’ve always leaned towards the design side, and want to leverage my experience in manufacturing and engineering towards product design.

Can anyone recommend/share experiences about programs abroad? I’ve seen the RCA in London and Delft offer programs I’m interested in. I’m not even so much concerned about finances as I am entering a program with a great program with which to develop my career.

So do you want to develop traditional product design skills, or become a ‘design engineer’? That might help you pick a school…

RCA is the ArtCenter/RISD of England and you can do Transpo to Art to ID to Innovation to Design Engineering. Great school + Faculty but it will cost you a bundle to go there. It’s reputation will precede you when you get out.

Can’t really speak for Delft but Philips Design is in the same town I believe