URL target.

I know this a pretty minor request, but is there any reason why all urls continues in the same tab instead of opening a new tab?

I personally prefer when the target window is a new one and its getting pretty annoying, since theres a lot of urls around this neck of the woods.

Try the Tab Mix Plus plug-in for FireFox - I’m pretty sure there is a setting there that lets you set this as a default for browsing any site.


Im a google chrome person. Grew tired of the performance of both safari and Firefox.

But thanks for the tip, ill see if i can find a plugin for chrome.

(i know i can rightclick and open in new tab, but my reflexes are faster than my brain, so it is mostly to late when i think of it)

Did you know that middle clicking the link will open it in a new tab in both firefox and IE?

Nice! A new tip!

On a mac on safari, if you hover over the link with 2 fingers )on the touch pad or new mouse, and click it brings up the tab option.

on safari, apple click is open in a new tab. use it all the time.


cool, thanks.

This has been on my mind as well. Is there any reason not to have external urls open a new tab?
I know the FF-middleclick, but I’m often on a laptop with touchpad. I know about the right click, but that slows things down. Will try the plugin. But all these seem like unnecessary workarounds.

The cmd-leftclick worked in Chrome to by the way. However, I kind of thought that keeping as much traffic as possible in the core-site would be in the interest of the forces behind it. Is it that my internet habits are too rooted?

If you are on a laptop, see if you can left click AND right click. On both of windows laptops without a MMB this also works to open in a new tab. Alt+Click also opens in a new tab.

Forcing any link to open in a new window is bad coding. If you want it to open in a new window, then you will need to make that decision.

Never heard of that before, why is it so?

To me its logical that reference urls aren’t continued in the same window, especially on blogs and forums, where the interaction and discussions are taking place on the initial site with the news.

Im not trying to be a female canine about it, there must be a good reason for it being this way, and I’d just like to know what it is.

Smashing Magazine sums it up well in the following article.

Thanks for the link, It does makes more sense.

Id still prefer it the other way around, However thats just related to my personal internet preferences, and not really connected to logics.