Urgent! Salary in Europe for Product Designer (3yrs exp)

I have been approached by a Scandinavian design firm with Job opportunity.
and they want to know how much salary I am looking for.

Now I have been working in the Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan for about 3 years, and have no idea of the salary standard in Europe.

It would be great if any of you could help me to know what is the salary standard in Europe for Product/Industrial designers with 3 years of experience.

and what is the decent cost of living in Northern Europe?

anyone ?!

Hmm, you would be making about 2000 to 2500€ a month in the Netherlands as a product designer working for a small to mid-size studio. Not sure how that relates to Scandinavia. I’d try slightly higher if I were you. You like the cold? :wink:


Design Week Salary Survey 2007

Yep, 27000 Euros works out exactly right for working here in the UK too, with the conversion from Euros to sterling.

Thanks sam, peedub and holtag for your replies.
I thought 2500€ would be for fresh graduates just out of design school; someone with 3 years of experience would get relatively more!
This thread also tells so.

It would be great if somebody could give me some idea about the tax and the cost of living.

@ peedub: Thanks for the link!
@ holtag: I know what you mean by the cold! I have previous experience of the European cold! :wink: