Hi everyone!

I am having some major glitches right now that I cannot seem to get a cover letter together. I have 11 years in the industry. There are more details and circumstances I can discuss directly one-on-one. I need help with my cover letter, as I desparately need the work. I also wonder if someone would be willing to review my samples and resume for critique. I must get work right away. I have no money to purchase the various books and resume services that are advertised for this purpose. I’m usually really good at formulating thought, but I am drawing a blank in the brain. I have provided info on what happened and my email/web sample address is at the end of this post for reply.

I had a stellar record, with 11 years in the industry, up until a month ago. I have never been fired from any other job, and have worked continuosly for 22 years. I have good references for all other employers. I had a solid work record at my last company, up until the day I was terminated. I do not speak negatively about her in interviews, and I am honest in interviews when asked for reason I am no longer there. I did not do anything illiegal or immoral to result in termination.

I successfully made the deadline for the project, content was produced accurately and ontime for shipping. My boss then proceeded to terminate me for working more than 2 hours o.t. without an authorization. This policy by the way had just been implemented by her only for our department just a few weeks prior to that. No other departments had this restriction.

I had a really great interview with another company, and they kept in touch twice. Basically, from the information I was told in follow up, they were going to have me come back to have my apptitude testing. The gentleman I interviewed with had indicated that he pretty much wanted to hire me after our first interview as it went so well. Then I all of a suddn did not hear from him. I found out another friend/co-worker has been doing freelance for the position I interviewed for, so I feel like it’s null now.

After having such a good interview, I can’t help but wonder if she has perhaps made negative statements to people she knows that work over at the company I was applying at. Ironically enough, she hired the guy who left the company I was interviewing at, to replace me. Right now, I dont know quite what to do, so any advice is welcome. I harbor no ill will towards this company. I truly loved my job, and worked with some really great people. Most co-workers, Group Leaders, CSR/Sales have kept in touch and have indicated that I can use them for references. I have been listing Human Resources for point of contact for reference on applications.

I’m nervous at my age, and the limited availability, that I could be out of work for awhile. I do not have a degree, so that could further hinder offers. Right now I am looking at retail just to get some money. I still want to remain in this industry, but I don’t know if that will be feasible until after the holidays. I also am feeling quite weary after so many years of working so hard, only to be let go. If anyone can offer insite, help tips, or review the resume/samples, please contact me at
My samples are temporarily at:

Thank you all, I appreciate it!

i do not know a lot about such stuff but i have recently found a forum that free of charge provides help in such cases…


good luck!