Urethane foam for model building

Hey everybody,
I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy urethane foam for building models. I am not sure what weight to get and/or brand-names. I am supposed to build three models of a small handheld electronics device for a studio class here at ASU a little later in the semester, and would like to get a jump on the materials procurement aspect of it. I have a decent budget, and can always resell some of it, but would rather not buy more than a few hundred dollars worth of the stuff just to fill a minimum order.
If anyone knows of a supplier, or has any advice about this I would greatly appreciate it.
I’ll try to get some concept sketches done, and post them to the projects thread in the next couple of weeks,

Thanks alot,

Check with your school’s IDSA they should have a good idea about that kind of stuff.

There is a company in Tacoma Washington called General Plastics that donates foam to schools (school just pays freight) for just such a purpose. If your schools doesn’t already have something going with them, I would reccomend setting something up with them. Just make sure you order it well ahead of time.

WPL Industries

Don’t forget Freeman:

Thanks guys,
I think General Plastics is sending me a sample pack of their different modselling foams. I’ll figure out where to go from there. I also talked to the IDSA person in charge of donated foam distribution, might just get it from them unless I feel the need to make something large.