Urban Nomad

Good afternoon everyone,

I am a student at Sheffield Hallam University, In Sheffield, Uk and i am studying for an MA in Industrial Design.

I am working on my Master Project at this time, under the very vague title of “Urban Nomad”. My research is focused on the fact that modern man, under the influence of expanding digital and wireless technologies, global economy practices, and ease of inter and extra state travel, is required to be on the move, most of the time during his workday.

What i am trying to do is to develop a product or products that will aid people during their everyday “dwellings”. What that will be at the end i have no idea, but what i am trying to find out is what kind of things most people do need to carry around with them (i wouldn’t like to focus on a specific profession now, i would like to explore a bit, so i am looking for things that are not specifically tied to a profession -) and what is the most common medium used for that.

If you feel that the question is vague and cannot be answered without focusing on a specific group/profession, please do.

Any suggestions that arise from personal experience and also second hand ones would be greatly appreciated. In fact, every bit of information would be greatly appreciated.

This is my first post … ever … and English is not my first language … so if it is not so well structured or documented please bear with me.

I thank you all in advance