Urban design details required

hi! Can anybody give me detail regarding Urban design? I donot have a background in urb des. Are there any schools that take people from non design background into Masters or atleast any bridge course to UrbanDesign. Let me know the prospects and how much they roughly earn…thnking u

…perhaps you mean urban planning?

no I mean specifically urban design a design intense course

What do you want to design?
Are you graduating with an Industrial Design degree?

I donot have a degree in design. But it is my passion to design urban spaces and locations

Industrial Design programs in the US tend to look at products and objects. Try searching for urban design within architecture programs. They are out there.

For those who don’t know (since this is an industrial design site): Urban Design can mean a variety of things, and typically lies somewhere between Architecture and Planning. Each school will vary slightly with which way their emphasis leans.

For the original poster: It is common for Urban Design masters programs to accept those with undergraduate degrees in related fields: architecture, planning, transportation design, landscape architecture, etc. If your undergraduate field falls outside of the description “related fields”, you’d do best to ask the specific programs that you are interested in whether they accept grads of different disciplines. But you’d better have something- portfolio, work experience, volunteer experience, related writings- to show that you know what you’re getting into with Urban Design and that you have aptitude for it.