Urban cycling research subjects needed

Does your organization have a group of bicycle commuters?
As cliche as it sounds, “if so we want to talk to you!”
We will be in the Bay Area and Chicago completing Urban cycling experience research at th end of April and during May. .

We don’t have much more to offer besides maybe a beer and a hug but if you are interested please leave a note and we will figure out a way to connect.

Research to include, general ethno-documentation and us listening to your experiences.

Last thing, what hurdles do you encounter with bicycle commuting?


everyone thanks for the all the private messages…keep them coming!

some have asked about other cities! it is true we are only going to san fran and chicago due to budget issues.

if you are outside of those areas we still would love to hear from you.

one person noted that Minneapolis rocks for bikes…and it does! We go there from time to time to talk to people and dealers but are not going there on this upcoming trip!
DC, Portland, Austin and Boston rock too! If you are from there let us know about your biking experience!

we do visit several cities throughout the year so contact us anyway…we might be near you in the future!

so, if a major hurdle is weather, either staying warm, or staying cool/dry how do you address these issues?

In Vancouver you can tell who cycles to work regularly because they have fenders. Mountain bikes don’t count here because mud has appeal.

On the whole, outerwear is pretty good, with the MEC branded stuff offering very good value. One thing I find lacking are helmet visors. For most they are just barely good enough for wet weather, but for people with glasses (like me) they are just not big enough… I’ve had to make my own.


Major three winter issues, Hands, toes, face(ice cream headache).

Commuters could get great satisfaction form Castelli booties, but are just too cheap to take the plunge.

Most winter commuters take a tough guy John Stamstad approach. Anyone else agree?


Ski-wear is excellent for winter riding, especially inexpensive Entrant gloves. Warm and mostly waterproof. Unfortunately, the new trigger shifters are not so easy to use with thick gloves.

When wind was cold enough, a Mambosok tube scarf would keep my face warm enough for a 30 minute ride.

My favourite winter jacket was a blue 3/4 length industrial overcoat, the kind that maintenance workers wear with the zip-folded hood.

For really bad weather, a pair of Wellington rubber boots and I was good to go.

The whole set-up was pretty heavy but that’s the only way to go in winter.

Oh man, now I miss my Bridgestone.


Here in Phoenix, winters are fine but the main issue is heat in the summer. In July and August it is common to be nearing 100 degrees f by 6:00 am. In order to commute comfortably, wearing breathable, wicking clothing is key, and having panniers to carry any loads is equally important; using a back pack or messenger bag cuts off too much precious air-flow. Also the ability to shower before work and arriving 1/2 to 1 hour early just to cool down and stop sweating is important. I know this is a small market segment, but having been a bike commuter for many years in Salt Lake City dealing with winter snow, now having to deal with summer heat is much worse. It is fairly easy to stay warm while riding because you generate heat. You can only remove so many clothes.

so, where do you all keep your bike when not riding? …like at night, during the day at work, etc.

when you get to work, what is the first thing you do as you coast to a stop?

When I coast to a stop, I’m not doing anything except maybe unclipping. At night, the (flashing) lights are being switched off.

At home, my bikes have always been inside my front door, whether that be in a spare room, the entrance hall or as is the current arrangement, the living room. At work, my Sugar 3 goes into the cubicle with me. Lately, I’ve been looking around for an old road bike to convert into a commuter, but around here those are like gold.


Love these lights. nice and out of the way.


still looking for more people in the bay area. if you know someone, or if you are interested and if you don’t even ride we would love to talk to you!

Try Fritz at Cyclelicicious: http://www.cyclelicio.us/

He just moved to the bay area and might be able to help out.

I’m in San Francisco and could help .
People at the SF bike coalition could be informative.

Hurdles…? Ah, perhaps a lightweight insulated coffee thermos that fits in the water cage! It could also hold cold beverages.

coffee mug. check out the soho bike by trek. they have a coffee mug that fits a cage and they sell them aftermarket