urban bicycle research subjects needed

Does your organization have a group of bicycle commuters? As cliche as it sounds, “if so we want to talk to you!”
We will be in the Bay Area and Chicago completing Urban research at th end of April and during May.
We are looking for savvy people to talk to between 24 and 45.

We don’t have much more to offer besides maybe a beer and a hug but if you are interested please leave a note and we will figure out a way to connect.

Research to include, general ethno-documentation and us listening to your experiences.

Last thing, what hurdles do you encounter with bicycle commuting?


So you just need people in the Bay and Chicago areas?

at this time those are the two cities we know we are traveling too. I am willing to consider other cities but we don’t have much of a budget to get this work done which is a bummer.

however! if you commute and you have thoughts about your bicycle experience (not spec’s or features) then I would love to hear them. Feel free to jot down some notes.

thanks !

everyone thanks for the all the private messages…keep them coming!

some have asked about other cities! it is true we are only going to san fran and chicago due to budget issues.

if you are outside of those areas we still would love to hear from you.

one person noted that Minneapolis rocks for bikes…and it does! We go there from time to time to talk to people and dealers but are not going there on this upcoming trip!
DC, Portland, Austin and Boston rock too! If you are from there let us know about your biking experience!

we do visit several cities throughout the year so contact us anyway…we might be near you in the future!

still looking for more people in the bay area. if you know someone, or if you are interested and if you don’t even ride we would love to talk to you!

pm me if you are interested!
I will be getting back to people this week!

Is there a business point of view being represented within your inquiry? Something you can share?