Uploading good quality jpeg files on behance

I have been struggling to maintain the quality of my portfolio jpeg files after compressing. I did my portfolio in InDesign, but the file size for each page is somewhere around 15-40mb, and I have 60 such pages. Behance allows only 15mb per upload. I tried using one or two softwares that would help compressing the file, which it did, but lost the quality of my work. I need help with reducing the file size upto 1mb for each page and getting very good quality. Any information regarding this would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

You are probably exporting JPG’s @ 300 DPI which is leading to too high of a resolution for screen/web usage.

If you are trying to upload a screen resolution file, 1600px is probably the max width you want to use. Since Indesign has limited options when you export try starting at:

Quality: Max, Format: Baseline, PPI: 200, Color RGB - see what size that gives you. You can also try lowering the PPI to 150 which will give you a 1200px wide image (which is still fine for a page layout on a high res screen).

Those should be much smaller images. If your page layout is 200" long, thats another story - try breaking it up into multiple images.

Lastly, if your images are still that large you should export them as a PDF or TIFF, bring them into Photoshop and use Photoshops Save for Web feature to tweak the level of compression and resolution.

Remember, pixels matter on the web/screen, not “DPI”. Most students just check the 300 DPI box and think that everything is good.

That’s pretty helpful, I’ll have to try these tips out. Thank you!

Sorry I left an important note out - PPI is page dimensions (ie 8") X PPI (150) = Pixels = 1200.

If you are using 11x17, or any other number of sized artboards you need to adjust accordingly.

Realistically, Indesign isn’t a good tool for building web assets, you should be pulling them into Photoshop to resize the image, THEN adjust the JPG quality.

@cyberdemon: hey thanks a lot for your feedback. I will try what you suggested.

Ditto, thanks Mike, great recommendations.