Upgrade or Wait?

Hello everyone,

I am currently a senior on track to finish my degree in May of next year. I’m planning on renewing my software student licences before I graduate so I can keep my skills fresh while getting established professionally. One thing I was going to get was adobe’s master collection since it’s discounted so heavily for students, and I plan on doing some video projects in my spare time.

My question is do you think CS6 will be released before I graduate in early May, or should I buy CS5.5 now? Another question I have is are you able to pay the upgrade price on a student version to turn it into the professional version when a new edition comes out?


Not sure of the release date for CS6 but one thing i can tell you is that you CAN"T upgrade a student version.

Ok, thanks. I guess plan B would be to buy the student version of the master collection and when I need the new version I’ll most likely just get the professional version of the design suite.