Upgrade from CS4 to CS5.5

My Adobe suite is a bit outdated. Is it worth $500 to upgrade to 5.5? When is 6 supposed to come out?

CS5 was way better than 4 IMo. Haven’t jumped to 5.5 yet. So it’s probably worth it for you.

Not sure about CS6 release date. But, it’s like anything else. Wait for the what’s coming next, but where do you draw the line?

Last time I bought, I was within a few months of the new release and Adobe upgraded me for free to CS5. You might want to give them a call (since you’re a business, right?) and you might get the same deal.

A lot of Graphic Designers try to make it a habit of hitting every other release. So I have 4 on my laptop, and will probably upgrade at 6.

5.5 was sort of a crumby thing to pull on everyone Adobe!

One thing you need to think about is that 5 and 5.5 don’t work backwards. So it sucks that my laptop has 4, my office has 5, and my classrooms have 5.5.

There is some work around, .idml files in indesign, eps in illustrator, but it’s generally a hassel.