Upgrade computer now or wait for Windows 8?

I’m currently on a Dell Precision M4500. It’s fairly quick but am looking to upgrade to a M4600 with a 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, 2GB Video, 2.7Ghz Turbo Extreme Quad Core blah blah blah, etc. You get the picture…a nice freakin’ laptop. The only thing holding me from pulling the trigger is the upcoming Windows 8. All the videos I’ve seen of Win8 make it look like it’s made for a tablet with all the touchy, feely crap. I just want power but appreciate the visual design that Microsoft has put into it.

The question is do I wait for Windows 8 and even if I do, will I want it? Anyone know when it will be released? Currently running Win7 64-bit and it’s smooth.

The snazzy Windows 8 UI isn’t going to make any difference if you’re using your machine for productivity.

If you were buying a PC for your living room I might say differently, but your hardware will be completely compatible.

I think most of us will quickly realize we are going to spend most of our time in Windows 8’s “Desktop” mode which is Windows 7 with new kernel code.

Any machine you buy now will be fine to run Win 8 as well. There shouldn’t be any hardware requirements in your way if you want to upgrade in the future (minus the pricetag).

I decided to pull the trigger on the Dell anyhow. M4600, completely pimped out. Should make rendering and work on Pro/e freakin’ easy!!

Think I’ll put off upgrading to Win8 for a while.

Win 7 contained most of the big nuts & bolts upgrades. I think win8 is going to be flowers and candies only. Plus, it seems like win7 was well-adopted, kinda like Win95 and WinXP. I think 8 is doomed to be another Vista/Me.

The great thing about building your own computer(s) is being able to upgrade whenever you want :slight_smile:
Even if you don’t build one (looks like you’re not?) then you can pay someone to do it for you…
So just get what’s good/best for you now. Then when the time comes upgrade, if you feel it’s worthwhile.