Updated website/portfolio

Hello Everybody

I am a third year Product Design Student studying at DSK ISD International School of Design, INDIA

This is a compilation of my work done in last two years. Feel free to look at my Portfolio at - http://issuu.com/jaineelshah/docs/jaineel_shah_portfolio_2012_hq

My website is - http://www.jaineelshah.com

With the help of this portfolio, I have secured a 8 month Internship at Stuck Design, Singapore.

I am looking forward to hear your criticism, feedback, opinions, suggestions, your like/dislike on my work, which will help me to improve for my next Portfolio, next year.

Thank you very much for taking your time out.

I think this is lookin pretty good! Here’s some food for thought: I’m not an employer, but I didn’t make it through the whole portfolio; I stopped at the target study. After looking at how much more was left, I’d probably cut down the amount of work in there a bit. My philosophy with portfolios is trying to show off all of your skills as best as you can. No doubt some of those projects have overlapping skillsets, and some show certain skills better than others.

I liked the layout a lot, great renderings as well. Your design process at the beginning is a bit generic, as are the design values and philosophy on the page before. Your work should show what your philosophies are, and it does! The hanger is an awesome example of simple user friendly design, I loved that as a project. Any employer would be able to extrapolate what you value from that.

Your sketch pages could be a lot more dynamic. change up the sizes of the sketches a bit and pick a focal point to anchor the compositions.

Overall though, I think it’s a pretty good portfolio! Hopefully this advice helped you out and wasn’t a waste of time

looks good. you have a nice layout, some nice products, and i like how you are honest about your skills in your resume.
however, i dont think you need to show your face and values. id rather look at your solid design work.

Hello Daniel

Thank you for your response.

Yes, regarding the skills, you are true, but at the same time I also wanted to show a variety of projects I have done. Specially mockup skills are overlapping due to different manufacturing processes. But Yes, will keep it mind to spread them among the projects.

Yes, I am still working towards translating my values and my personality into my work. Its challenging !

Thank you for taking your time out, and all your points are true and valuable.

Hello Ovranesh

Thank you for your feedback.

For me, a portfolio is like a story book of you and your work/skills. Thats my reason to put a picture in the beginning, because I have put Team projects along team photographs; so when you would look at it, you will be able to identify me instantly, because you know my face as you see in the start. This also helps the person to judge the personality of the person individually and in a team.

Hello Daniel Mapp

Thank you for your positive response towards my work.

Yes, I apologize for my spelling error’s. Will make sure to double check it next time.

While the layout looks nice, it was quite hard to know where and what i was looking at at any one point. Stuff would jump from left to right hand side of the page. Different layouts for each different thing…

The work is great and you’ve obviously got great ides & graphics skills, so i’d keep at it. Think about signposting your presentation along the way so I know where I’m at. I found myself looking for work on pages where there wasn’t actually anything to show - on the internship pages, for example.

Good work…!

Nice layout and products. But seems to be something missing. Find it out. Make some changes. and don’t repeat the mistakes.

Im only a second year design student, but your portfolio looks really impressive. Inspirational !

Very nice work Jaineel. This is better than some entry level designer portfolios I see. I thin the internship and final year of school will really push you to the next level. Keep at it. I feel like the portfolio has the right balance. I didn’t need to read a lot to understand what each project was. Support images were used to give me more information on who the intended user is. The overall feeling I left with is that you are skilled and that you have fun with your work.

The purpose of a portfolio like this is to get you in the door for an interview. You don’t need to tell every detail of the project in the online portfolio, that is what the interview is for. You achieved that nicely I think.

Hello Tbaker

Yes, you are right, it was a challenge for me to complete the internship page, but it ended up in a chaos.
I will rework upon it.

Thank you for taking your time out

Hello Michael

Thank you for your positive response towards my work. Its motivating and inspirational to hear from you.

Hello Everybody

I have updated my website, please have a look and your feedback/criticism is welcome !

Thank you