UPDATED: vintage concept sketches

Pacer sketches:

As I kid, I always drooled over the Science Fiction bookcovers of John C. Berkey. Of course I didn’t know his name until I stumbled upon a book of his work in the Library at my work.



Am I the only one seeing this?
I guess you knew that u’re going to be a footwear designer since u were a kid, Yo. (at least subconciously) :laughing:

A quicky in photoshop… don’t judge. :unamused:

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Hillarious, actually quite a few of those would make pretty hot shoes… hmmm.

Interestingly related show:



The Giuargio Maserati is seductive.

Last weekend I saw an original pencil/gauche auto study by Loewy at a vintage modern furniture store in Philly. They were asking $5800… ouch. It looked like a 4-headlight version of the Avanti and to be completely honest, the drawing itself was pretty weak, and, the design was even worse.

amazing rendering, they put all of my best attempts to shame.

This was posted awhile back, but figured it should go in here. Ironically, one of the guys that designed at Atari during this period works at Nike.


not that old, but that’s relative

Monorail rendering from 1961 for Seattle

Here are a few from the 80’s from http://www.etereaestudios.com/

1989 canson sketch

This looks digital but its acrylic, ink, and temper on paper from 1987

Not sure when these are from but i found them here:

man they look so cool, like far out!

anything that isn’t computer-rendered is vintage, these days!

Some Hugh Ferriss



What is it about old school Art Deco art that is so seductive?

I have to agree with you Mr Wirelessly, these are seductive, great thread! I know design has ‘moved on’ but how come photoshop stuff just doesn’t look as cool as the old chalk/ airbrush/ canson renderings? Is it the time involved?

It’s a great question, and reminds me of this one:

with all the advances in technology, the ability to hire a-list actors, and a top team of writers… why did Star Wars Ep 1-3 suck?

Maybe the constraints of the material worked for them.

sorry to venture off topic but,

it doesn’t? i always thought of it as “old” stuff being nostalgic or romanticized (and maybe a broader skillset of current designers that lessened the emphasis of visuals?)); case in point:

a couple decades go by and the thought of tens (hundreds) of guy sitting at a computer rendering out geometry and scenes is just not as cool or impressive or on the same level as some scale models and good camera/editing work, it could not have been the acting that so revered it to so many, could it? (hans solo was a g though!)

i think it is similar with looking at vintage stuff, in this case design work. when i look at these and other architectural/product drawings of the previous eras, i think of the craft/draftmanship of it, i can see the creator “creating” it; rarely have i gotten that image from looking at a digital drawing/rendering…