UPDATED: vintage concept sketches

Some things I found on a recent google hunt::

Sunbeam Toaster by Alfonso Iannelli (1888-1965)

I have some photos of my teacher’s old school illustrations, but he’s retired and I doubt I can get permission to show it. He graduated after Syd Mead from Art Center and is just as good as him. Most of those work date back to the late 70s. One of them, although dated on 79, was actually done when he was 17. He said he didn’t want people to make a big fuss about it.

Those are some real kick a55 illustrations!

Those are some very nice vintage sketches. We see that kind of stuff at school from some of the professors all the time. I like that lantern drawing, very nice.



Archive.org is awesome

“a couple of those might even pre-date YKH”


This is one of my Dad’s old renderings - the original proposal for the '70 Roadrunner. I’m working on digitally restoring it right now (it still has a LONG way to go)- the original is almost 6 feet long…

Check out the hound dogs in the back seat!

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cool. Roadrunners were my favorite muscle car. way way way back ( :slight_smile: ) neighbor had a '70 blown hemi. big tires. big car. subdued olive-y paintjob but no one was fooled. sucker looked fast parked on side of street. awesome vehicle.

optimistic - that looks like the beginnings of the “Superbird” version. is it?

My bad - it’s a sketch for the '72

YKH - that’s a really good question about the superbird… I’ll find out. That front nose does have a striking similarity, and they were done around the same time…

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enjoy …

1954 Ford Concept

Now THAT is design!

I caught hold of a book recently with the great peninfarina sketches. Check them out.

can someoneplease guide as to how do I upload the image here? Do i require to putit up on the net somewhere andf give a link…??


Check these, some origional concept sketches for the guggenheim:

thats second conceptof guggenheim looks as if it is going to be made in Shanghai or taipei. lol

but FLW has made this building a msterpiece. What a concept…!!

Allright this BARELY belongs on here, but this guys automotive cartoon style is so cool. Word has it he worked on the Pixar Cars movie coming out, but he’s also way old-school. He did some model kits for Revell in the 70s…

check out his site at www.bigdealart.com

I remember this guys stuff from the way back of Automobile and Car And Driver Magazine, a car cover company allways used Big Deal illustrations. Cool

Yeah, I got into him thru CARtoons magazine - a lot of great artists did work for them:


Ebay finds (I haven’t figured out how to add images to these posts)
Art Center in the 30s

Michael Graves jewelry design

Archive locations

these aren’t quite vintage yet, but I love them so here’s some lebbeus woods:

big_404847_6996_01_LWb-UB91.jpg.foto.rbig.jpg.avif (179.0 KB)

Here’s some vintage sketches I came across.


Car rendering dated December 1950 by Mr Fetty

A Raymond Loewy mould fan heater from 1938

British rail freightliner by Don Tustin in 1963

GM sports car from 1962

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Eames sketch

studio sketch by charles eames

Eames etching

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