UPDATED***Some SHOE DESIGNS, more added

Here are some of my designs.
Lebron 3.5
This design features a crashpad cushioning system. It is basically a hollowed out structure made of the same material as shox, with zoom air sitting on the bottom of the inside to cushion against big landings and keep it from bottoming out.

I call this the Swoosh Run

This is a football shoe for Jordan Brand. I included an exposed IPS heel unit.

Flightposite 5

Shox J O


Zoom Cabrio

Thanks for checkin’ 'em out.

hey man.

I remember your Jordan cleats from kicks guide.com. Good stuff.

I’m not sure if you caught my feedback on the cleat:

1- watch your proportions. Currently the heel and the toe have the same visual weight. If you grew the green area under the the X on the fore foot (which looks crammed in right now) you would make the toe have a little more dominence. you would also have enough reoom to put some nubs in that green area and increase forefoot traction

2- I love ow simple the heel is which really highlights the IPS. I would simplify traction inside the pod and get rid of the cross hair + sign that runs through it. You allready have a big X in the fore foot and the big pod in the heel.

3- the shiny piece in the toe, why not make the lines of it follow the lines of the big X, right now they fight a bit.

Flightposite: = hot, nice work. Very concept shoe looking. It looks something like a Jordan XX and a 2k4 remixed by Geoge Lucas or something… in a good way

Swoosh Run: I like it overall (though legaly you could never have the swoosh hit the ground like that. I like all of the views, the shape and proportion of the outsole look right, but the design lacks fluidity heel to toe, almost like two different designs rammed together. Try sketching small (25%) with a dull pencil to develop an overal theme. Then blow that up on a photocopier and overlay it to detail it out. It works for me.

LBJ 3.5: Nice concept. All of the lines in the molded parts are a little too Peny for me. I like the explanation sketches for the fit system and cushioning, nice work. The outsole looks out of proportion and could use a little more fluidness heel to toe, the shank looks stuck on.

Great work overall. I know that is a lot of pointers, but I want to underscore how good this stuff is. All this little stuff will make it that much better.

Thanks for the feedback, Yo. Much appreciated. I’ll take into account all the stuff you said. I’m working on a few new things now, so I’ll keep all that in mind. I’m lookin’ to learn, and getting constructive criticism is the best way. Thanks.

red&black are the best colour i think .i like your designs of shoes very much
can u give us some more??? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is that? because of puma?

by having a logo touch the ground, it becomes a functional traction element (if you notice, the swoosh is always recessed like .5mm from the surface of an outsole in any new products), when a trade mark becomes a functional ellement, the patentability of the trademark becomes more difficult to defend internationally (can you tell I’ve gotten lectured on this by the legal team) Puma, New Balence, Adidas and many other companies often use their trade marks in functional ways in traction, or ventilation, but Nike is more sensitive to these issues since most knock off products on the black market are Nike’s.

So that’s the long of it.

really!? wow. are there a lot of issues like that out there to limit your designs YO? or are they just in your head now and you just avoid doing them.

…I mean have you ever come up with some amazing concepts and had it snubbed because of a “legal” issue like that?

I’ve had to work around things, it’s frustrating, but I also understand. I’ve allways found a creative way to protect the idea and the TM.

Cool thanks for letting us know. Let’s say the swoosh is directly on the outsole, kind of like on the Tempo MORE, would the same legal issues applay since it’s “kind of” a functional traction element?

Thank you sir