Updated Raymond Loewy website

You’re warmly familiar with the work. The first time you drank a modern-day bottle of Coca-Cola, his bottle shape became ingrained in your memory. From the prestigious design work he completed on President John F. Kennedy’s Air Force One to the design of the familiar Greyhound bus, Raymond Loewy’s efforts showed no limitations. Raymond Loewy has long been regarded as the most famous American Industrial Designer.

The website of the Raymond Loewy estate and Loewy Design, LLC, has been updated to better feature the works of this iconic designer, often referred to as the “Father of Industrial Design”. See it at: http://raymondloewy.org. We now include a Loewy store with a few gift items including coffee mugs, tee shirts and refrigerator magnets, in addition to memberships in the forthcoming Raymond Loewy Library and Museum of Industrial Design, planned for southern California. http://raymondloewy.org/shop/home.phpWe’re beginning to get into the planning and fundraising phase. More details about the museum are posted to http://loewymuseum.org.
We plan to soon sell high quality lithographs and posters of Loewy designs through the new website.

Lew Schucart
David Hagerman
Jacque Loewy (Raymond’s grandson)
Directors, Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design