updated portfolio

I made a big push to revamp this site a few weekends ago.

Built in Adobe Portfolio, updated with several new grad school projects, and added slightly revisionist history on older projects.

I’m starting to edge into hybrid hardware/UX roles, so the goal here was to have an overview of several different project types, users, customers, outcomes.

  1. Does the portfolio give you a good idea of what the designer likes to do, or what the designer is best at?
  2. What’s the best part?
  3. What’s the not-best part?
  1. The website gives a great overview of the versatility of the designer and ability to handle complex projects.
  2. The way different aspects of the projects are laced together with a comprehensible, well-written storyline.
  3. The hero images hardly representing the project, confusing the content, while the rest of the images are top-notch. The spinal implants are maybe ok for an ‘about me’ section but a high-strung hiring manager is likely to simply click on to the next portfolio on not seeing your design work right at the first page. Another example: the NFL player sitting on the cool box is cool, but not a very communicative image. Send it to the bottom of the page. The P62 hero shot is the introduction to your design work but one can hardly see anything in it. The next one is a WIP image of a breadboard. All the invitation to click on to the next one. The best examples of industrial designership and product presentation are at the bottom.

Overall I’d say the website design is quite unworthy at this point as a container for the fantastic design work it houses.

Good feedback, thanks for taking the time.