Updated Portfolio

Hey guys–

I just recently revamped of my undergraduate portfolio and would love to hear your feedback. I am currently doing my second internship since graduating in May, and am hoping to start searching for my first full-time gig. This portfolio covers a few of my undergraduate projects with a focus on my design process. I did not include my senior thesis project because I prefer to use that for new material if asked for a phone/in person interview. It’s been a good conversation piece in regards to analyzing my thought process, in more detail, from start to finish. Any feedback is much appreciated!


Not bad Quinn. I like a lot of the thinking. For some reason the coffee cup stands out in particular as being memorable. Where are you based and where did you go to school?

Thanks Michael! Yeah, I was trying to really tell the story (especially my thought process) within each project–my last version was definitely lacking in that regard.

I graduated from Virginia Tech’s ID program in May and have been based on the east coast for most my life, but I am starting to venture out. I’m currently out in Utah interning at Rocketship, Inc. after finishing up an internship with Insight Product Development (Raleigh, NC office) after graduation–constantly on the move! Again, thanks for the feedback.

Quinn, that is freaking sweet! Nice work.


Thanks Carl–really appreciate it man!