Updated Portfolio

I updated my footwear section in my portfolio. Could someone look at it and give me their thoughts. Also, is the furniture section in my portfolio worth keeping?



do you think its worth keeping? If you have doubt you should probably kill it. Are you pitching yourself fas a furniture/footware designer?

PS: why has your CV covered in some loud boarder thing and on the piss? keep it small clean and quick to read.

I’ll probably get rid of the furniture stuff. Not really interested in it. With the layout I tried to do something different to see what people thought. At first I liked it, but later felt that it was too much. I’ll change the layout to something more simple. Tell me what you think of this portfolio example from a student at UC. I like it.

Its just the layout for your CV/resume that’s a bit grating…anywho your resume is in your profile so it doesn’t need to be there really…certainly change it for printing it out though.