Updated Portfolio, Stuck on words

http://www.coroflot.com/mcouncil I was making some changes to my portfolio and got stuck on what the best thing is to say about my work. Most of the work that I do is from beginning to end so it is hard to pick out pieces to highlight. What do I say about these sites? Do I just pick something out or do I just leave them as they are? Also, you can rip my designs apart if you want. I am in a box and could use the constructive critisism. Thanks for any help you can give! :wink:

All four designs on the right are in the EXACT same composition. I would say to shake it up a little bit and show some variation in your work. My $.02.

What do you mean exact same composition? Can you elaborate on that?

Thanks. I just took a look at it and see what you mean. Check it out now.