updated portfolio....please give comment

please give your comments on my portfolio samples.

criticism is always welcome!!


Good job following my suggestions heh. But really, I like the sketches combined with the final model. Your sketches are really great too, showing good development. Only question, why repeat the sketches though in another slide?

For the resume part…I’m not sure what Brits are looking for in terms of info on the resume…two things though: what are you bilingual with, and your skills are probably more important than your profile, so you should move them up the ladder of importance.

Lastly, double check your text all around…I just spotted 2-3 grammar mistakes on one slide!

thank you again for your comments.
the sketches…i placed them so that people can have a better view.

OK, that makes sense.

It doesn’t make any sense to me…Is it that difficult to do an extra page of “various” sketches?

That was my original thought melovescookies.

come on you people…
hurl some abuse…
I want my samples to be criticised!!!
so i can learn from it!!
please make nasty comments please
i am begging you people!

After a cursory going over:

  1. Your forms are cartoonish, generally speaking. You seem to rely heavily on primitives and extruded forms in your sketching. The sketches themselves look nice and clean, but the forms in them (and then in your models) I guess just look sort of undeveloped.

  2. The graphic layout is pretty good, you should taylor it to each project though. It seems like every project is treated the same way, it has a sort of flattening effect, your porjects all run together as a result.

  3. The logo on the lower left is big and distracting. Maybe cut it by half.

  4. More renderings. I say this because a rendering is an important intermediate step between 2/3D sketching and final modelling/styling. I see sketches and models, but not much in-between. I also think rendering, because it allows you to show an idea in some detail, fairly quickly, might be a good thing to show, just so whoever is looking at your portfolio can see how you got from a rough sketch to a fancy computer model.

Was that the kind of nasty you were looking for?

Also, jooish, would you go to www.coroflot.com/cooperpriess and give me the nasty rundown. I should warn you it is not complete, but I’d like you to tell me what you see so far, and if it looks like it’s heading in the right direction.

extruding??? primitives???
don’t we all?
anyway thanks for your crit, it was enlightening.
so you think i should add more sketch renderings? or photoshop renderings?
I feel and think that you meant both but i just wanted to be sure on that one.

now your portfolio is looking good…I especially like the feeding chair and the sketches. i would very much like to see it when it is finished.


what do you mean by cartoony?

Q1)Extruding??? primitives???

Q2)so you think i should add more sketch renderings? or photoshop renderings?

Q3)what do you mean by cartoony?

A1) By that, I just meant that you are using spheres and boxes and extrusions in a relatively unmodified form, like you aren’t completely resolving the transitions between the different shapes that make up the objects. I think for the most part, your sketches are fine for showing initial process, but since you have so few renderings (photoshop or illustrator or hand, it’s all the same thing) I don’t see the development from initial concept to final model that would tell a better story.

A2) Definitely. Otherwise if you don’t show that, it looks like you jumped straight into final modelling from your initial concept sketches.

A3) I mean either the forms look sort of puffy and inflated, or you over exaggerate something. Like your cars, they are extremely short looking because they not only have short wheelbases, but also very large wheels, which seems to be a distortion, for one example.

I hope I’m not being a hardass, you asked for nasty, so I tried to get as picky as I could.

nasty? I asked for it.
I thank you for it.
it helped enormously.

You got no renderings, no scale figures, no measurements…. Throw in a technical drawing, or something that has measurements. Yes I know how big a car is generally, but how big is your car exactly?
What size is that misshapen stacking toy looking cooker? Show someone using it. Is it powered by magic?
And the page where you repeat your sketches, “so people can have a better view”…Have a better view at what? Crooked ellipses? Change it.

that was good
i like it
all the nasty comments are actually helping me. believe it or not
I want by portfolio to be the dogs bollocks, so keep the abuse coming!

cooker - where are p/l’s on blob feet? on body sections. looks rotomold. no rotomold in kitchen appliances. looks like bunch of revolves. cute form. just not a real product. the exploded view shows no internals. agree. powered by magic?

martini glass - i dont know glass. but it looks weak. breakable. sketches are so-so. not much variety. dont know about exploded view. seems wrong. may not be. dont understand how parts of design process can be ignored.

concept car - sketches are weak. design is weak. i’m at 1280x1024 and cant read small text. model is kinda poor. expected with blue foam. but big tape lines help graphics. not design. can a person exit that side door? where’s the research? the pro/e? the cinema 4d renderings? consider dumping this. cars polarize. if not awesome, it hurts portfolio.

various sketches - looks like you are eating space. only three projects?

graduated already? BA w/ honors? suggest you work hard to clean this up. this is at best average. and only three projects? i would worry.

In my first post I tried to concentrate on presentation over critique of the designs, because I hope that this is your best work. Now though, I’ll add some thoughts that I haven’t seen here.

To begin, is this your best work? Sometimes people have a very complete project, but the model might have some errors, or just something else isn’t kosher. If you have a very complete detailed project but it has some little error, go back and fix it! Redo the model, or figure out how it would be assembled.

Consider getting a website. They aren’t too expensive and you can really show a broad selection of work that way. Personally, I think it is impossible to show process in 5 tiny images (corefolio). However, it is enough to titillate, so update frequently and make sure your best foot is forward.

One last thing with regards to format et all: Make sure everything is visible. With your glass and cooker there are tiny exploded views that are unreadable. Maybe you do have everything figured out on them, but no one will be able to tell this way! If you include something, make it legible.

With regards to the designs. I think everything holds true that others have brought up. The cooker’s form is a little too simple. I like the martini glass, it is a little more constructive. The car drawings, personally, I think are pretty good in form. Some of them are totally unrealistic, but that’s always been a problem with people that do car design.

One thing I would suggest is redo the car model, or at least find more flattering pictures. In the front view picture it looks like you didn’t put the break line between the window and bonnet on straight. Overall, the form looks a little too lumpy.

That’s all for now. Keep working on it, I’m sure you’ll get there!

i think i agree you on that one. YKH
and i am guessing rotomold to be rotational moulding?
well… who says one can’t make kitchen appliances with rotational moulding?
isn’t challenging conventional ideas our job?

all your comments are being rushed into my pea sized brain right now…
do you really think i have three projects???
I am just cleaning and redoing some of my design work and i thought if i put some of my work on coroflot i could get some valuable pointers from fellow designers. if you have more criticism keep it coming!

yes. rotomolding is rotational molding. issue is practical. rotomolding is primitive. tolerances arent as good as injection. uneven wall-stocks. molds are cheap. high volume runs can be a problem. usually low-quality. materials limited. to satisfy U/L and other requirements you need good materials. polypro and polyethylene are problem for high temp applications. may have polypro exterior. but parts next to heating elements will be BNC or similar. thats why colors are often black. BNC color options suck. even custom mix. recommend you research more. expand and challenge based on knowledge. if blue sky then make blue sky. this isnt blue sky concept. just no practical manufacturing on simple shape.