Updated portfolio, comments required...Pleeease

Yup, total upgrade. have listened to most of your comments and have tried to sort myself out. An improvement? Well I’ll let you decide.


dude…ive seen your page so many times…MORE sketches,get rid of that lightning bolt…simple…whats up with that Film template for the sketches…simple. simple simple…no distractions needed.
I hope this helps and i look forward to your next round.

. for ind. design and 3dmodeling you really don’t need things with fancy backgrounds and such, thats what presenters are for.
although if you really wanted to do it, i would suggest you refine your font choices.
. i think you should remove the parts about coming back to see it again, because most likely, they won’t.

but other than that, i think your portfolio is good. i really like your sketches and modeling, you should emphasize that more.

» jools

thanks for the comments guys. sorry orbital for boring you, however im sticking to my guns with the lighting bolt, i agree with anything else but this piece has always proved to be an attention grabber and so gets people to look at my work, which is hard enough in the first place. I agree with you, if i was presenting this it would be toned down but i think that it has the inquisitive factor that many portfolios lack, just a thought. More sketches on the other hand… well i only wish we could put up ten pieces of work, the remainig five would be sketches, as it is my portfolio shows a variety of skills - design, communication, sketching, pastel/marker rendering, cad physical modeling, market analysis, graphic design and presentation and of course photoshop abilities. Once again thnks for the support


No blooders, no- you are a designer. .the lightning bolt has to go. Sketches are getting better but the lightning has to go-

lose the bolt man.

You might also strongly consider changing the typeface in the lightning bolt image to something far more readable; As spiffy-looking as Neuropol is, it isn’t at all suited to body copy, and found myself really having troubles reading the captions. Try something like Univers 65 or Akzidenz Grotesk BE Bold for a clean modern look.

Oh … and I agree, the lightning bolt needs to take a hike, I’m afraid. :\


You can add more sketches by making them better resolution and bigger. Content over “boxes.”

Also, the lifestyles collage for the Ford SUV concept does nothing. I’d rather see another product with sketches.

wow, such strong feelings about the lightning bolt. I’m probably beating a dead horse but let’s try to give him some reasons. I’ll start:

What is the product? I thought it was a leaf blower. It is an excersise machine though, right? I had to read it all. Power, electricity, lightning. Whatevs.

The lightning bolt, though a background element, still dominates the image.

It is a bit cheezy.

:sunglasses: …ARe u a graphic designer or a car designer what do you want people to remenber …wow…what a great lightingbolt or what great drawing…?