**Updated New A4 layout** Please Crit.

Looking to apply at some internships very soon and here is what I have to show thus far… However, I had to exclude a project from the portfolio as part of the agreement of the sponsored project we did this semester is that it cannot be viewed online…unfortunately that project I feel is my best…

11x14 Portfolio

A4 Portfolio


So I have been working on setting up a new format and portfolio. this version is A4 and much smaller. I had to leave out my first project which again is my best. If anyone would like to see that one I can email that portfolio version, it adds about 5 additional pages.

Any addition Comments and Crit would be great

Thanks again

quick comment, I would include a little resume page, a little info about you.
the skyline on your title page is not bad but I don’t really understand what it has to do with you and your work. Maybe you can make your visual decisions easier to understand or you can find graphics that connect with you as a designer.

I like the skyline/reverse skyline on your front page.

However it tends to draw attention away from your work on the following pages.

Resume and contact page would be nice.

There tends to be no structure in your pages. I wish things would line up a bit more. Not even all your project titles are on the same line. Throw a basic grid in there and gets things snapped to it.

I would lead with your strongest project, which to me looks like the light switch project. Also I would echo what has already been said.

Sounds good, Thanks for the crit… the Skyline is actually a skyline of Los Angeles which is where I am from and why I put it in there.

Any suggestions of laying stuff out? is it all too smushed together?

It is still around 3.5MB without the other project is there a way to get this smaller?

11x14 JPEG resolution is Medium and it is 150DPI

I like the way we see the process in the light switch project (inspiration, sketches, user interface). I also like the fact that there is enough white space between things.

Personnaly, I don’t think that the “polaroid” type images brings something to your projects, they are more distracting. For instance on the second page of your light switch project the focal point should be your concept sketches. By removing the polaroid frame you could make them a lot bigger.

I’ put also a more impressive image first like the rendering of your jumpman project so that the reader wants to see more of your portfolio.

Thanks for the input gentlemen. Any advice on resolution and size?

I’d resize to 8.5x11 per page as that’s most likely what it will be printed on. Of course it can be scaled for printing, but you are effectively wasting bits. Also I think you could likely go down to 100 or 120 dpi and still have stuff clear, esp. if the type if vector when made into PDF (ie. from an illustrator or InDesign layout.).

Content wise, seems OK, but nothing really jumps out at me. I’m not sure if it’s the content is lacking (more sketch work for sure would be good), or the presentation.

Layout-wise I think it’s OK, but maybe a bit bland. I don’t personally mind the more loose layout, though the pics shown could be bigger. It’s really hard to see the sketchwork and some of the pics (ie. the trashcan renders) don’t show much and seem to be duplicates of one another.

I’d suggest for a first revision to break the sketches/renders out of the frames and fill the page more. Having white space is good, but I think the balance between layout and content is too much in the favor of layout whereas the content should be king. Maybe a solution could be to have some pages more structured with the skyline thing and text and other pages full-bleed images of renders or sketches. It would break up the layout more, and add more depth.

Overall though, I’d also like to mention it felt a bit short. Again, it might have to do with the strength of the content, but maybe also showing more might help. It doesn’t need to be 60 pages, but maybe adding a few more spreads will fill it out and give it more rhythm to the portfolio with a definite start and end.


Updated A4 version… Comments welcome please

Like it a lot more than the original.

Not sure about this, but I think on your resume it should be - Expected Graduation 2010

There’s also a typo on the right side of your resume. “no limited to”

Thanks , good eye.

Quick question if anyone knows… is there an advantage to using JPEG2000’s? I noticed they require Acrobat6 (1.5) and higher but the file size is decreased dramatically

Is this an issue from going from Acrobat 5 to 6