Any thoughts/ feedback/ crits for my updated coroflot?

Much appreciate!


Any thoughts? more sketching needed? final photo shots?

srink down that mega bathroom image. How would you make that? and what exactly is it?

for the Form product: why have you got a rendering that is back lit and casts a shadow over your product? not sure about the colour by numbers to describe what its made from.

whats special about that ipod phone?

Cheers for that.

Agree with the SOAP to be skrinked down- I have done some more on that so will up date and review shortly. We are designing a bathroom installatio- these are early concept/ styling direction. Currently working on this as we speak.

Also the Form renders- I think I will re do the boards for that, 3nd year uni work, needs to be brought up to date!

The iwatch- was a rendering produced from a reverse engineering project. I am working on bespoke earhones at the minute.