Updated coroflot portfolio

I just updated my coroflot portfolio. Could any of you give me some feed back as to what I should change, improve, elimate, keep, etc…



just wondering, are you in anyway focusing on “eco-design”, as in environmental treehugger etc. When I look at your portfolio and it says “ecodesign”, it kinda make me assume that you are in that line…


No, I am not a treehuggin’ pagan. I am not trying to focus on Green Design. Although I do believe in protecting the Earth for future generations + Green Design are extremely important. They are just my initials Eric Charles Overmyer. I guess it is just a rare occurness that I have them. Blame my parents.


Your work looks good, but I’m not sure the uniform graphics lends itself well to a corefolio. In your school port. you probably have a separation of some kind that tells the viewer, “OK, and this next project was”. I see you’re using the graphics area to describe each page, but you could just use coroflots text area that’s provided underneath. I think it would be stronger, if you zoomed in past the graphics, the work would be larger and clearer, and there would be less confusion.

Also, you have three pages for the luggauge (which is very nice). Could you shrink this down to a page and give us 2 more projects to look at?

IMO, The Corefolio should just be a teaser, I don’t want to see every intimate detail of one project, I want to see a range of cool projects and nice imagry.

Keep up the good work!