Update view/summary of folder media content

Hi guys, I’ve got a question about how to display images in folders (and sub-folders):

Is there a piece of software that can automatically group media from a folder/sub-folder and put it directly onto one page (or a user-selected no. of pages) for quick access/viewing?

It would be equivalent to automating the process of having an InDesign document, with Placed images all from one folder, exported to a .pdf so anyone can view. And that updates automatically with changes to the folder’s media. Ideally these would combine together to form an overview/snapshot of a series of folders.

A big ask but hoping someone might have a solution! Either a desktop program or in the cloud, cheers, Adam.

It sounds like you want to make an interval updating Contact Sheet. I have never used anything quite like that, but Photoshop (and perhaps Bridge) have Contact Sheet functionality built in to a degree. In Photoshop, click File > Automate > Contact Sheet II. It would require someone to do run it when they want updates, though.

Depending on the importance of update accuracy and automation, a more sophisticated (but potentially overwhelming) option could be to install IIS (or the Mac/Linux equivalent) on a computer then have it dish out a web gallery accessed locally (ex Anyone on your company’s local network could visit that URI and see the contents of the selected folders in real time. Its definitely a more robust and expandable solution (user permissions, other content, etc) but count on it taking at least 2-4 hours for someone to set up.


Yes a live contact sheet is a good way of describing it and you’ve given two great options there.

I was thinking about the design process and there just doesn’t seem like a quick, simple way to visually access contents of each folder within a project - and then display them together (and access it any time with the latest updates). Yes you can click into a folder, ‘Select All’ and open into a slideshow/image gallery or change the icon size but it still feels like too many steps - and you wouldn’t be able to see the rest of the other folders. Or use InDesign/Powerpoint to create a presentation, which obviously can take a while.

Services like Pinterest/‘Coroflot Featured’ content give a good way of displaying images/media - but I can’t find any program for cloud/offline User folders which are private/company specific.

I’ve just emailed Coroflot to ask if they can do an Offline version of their Home screen for User content!



This probably is not a retail software application (or program) due to the narrow scope - it really sounds like an IIS web application would be the ideal solution for you.

You will find hundreds of options if you Google “php gallery” or any variation thereof. The first result, here, appears to do exactly what you want. Images get read from a folder and thumbnails are generated by the software. Actually deploying it, then, would entail creating a local server environment, creating an html/css document (internally branded and all spiffy, of course), embedding their gallery code where you want it on your page, and clicking save.

The only cost is labor. Any web savvy guys on your team could make quick work of parts two and three.

Thanks! It seems like this would be a good solution, I’ll look into it, cheers, Adam