update of CV needed?

I’ve been in touch with a recruitment consultant and I was asking for some feedback on my CV. They thought I might have sold my self short with my description of my current job…which is:

Industrial Designer, Filmlight (Hardware & software manufacture for the film industry)

Working as the sole designer delivering projects from initial R&D ideas in to design briefs and developing high value bespoke products. Through completing the full product development & research with existing users I collaborate with in-house electronic/software engineers and liaise with external sub contractors. New products are then launched at one of the international trade shows, NAB & IBC.

I hate to waffle on CV’s and I my intention for the description was to communicate that I do the whole design myself. Should I list a set of skills/experiences instead?

It seems like you wear a lot of hats in that role. As the only designer you may be able to set it up more like:

“Responsible for setting the design direction of all product. Established brand form language. Responsible for all design deliverables including user research, concept ideation, final CAD surfacing. Manage projects with in house engineering teams as well as outside contractors”

Or something s3xier.

sounds good, cheers…time to get my writing in to gear.