UPDATE> I have removed my portfolio for the time being

Is my portfolio up to scratch?

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  • No…

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Thanks for viewing but I have temporarily removed my portfolio for updates. Thanks again!

Some nice forms, but from my point of view I wouldn’t consider this a full portfolio. You are missing some essential information in my opinion.

Research (why you are doing the work you are doing, what problems you are trying to solve, who for, design inspiration…)

Sketching (how did you develop your ideas, how big a range did you explore before you went to 3d)

2d Rendering (can you show some realistic options before investing 40-80 hours in a model)

Show more than your modeling ability. A portfolio should be a story with the ending being getting a job. Make sure every image is a vital part of that story.

Ahhhh… sweet… Thanks for the advice… I’ll get down to that… =0)

Glad it helped.