Update: Asics Competition entry.

Finally got round to doing my first shoe render. I’m in my first year of my Industrial design course and just really got to grips with photoshop.
Thought I’d give the Asics design comp ago and put something together quickly. Fairly pleased with the outcome though I didn’t have illustrator to do line work so its a bit off in places. Need to practice more with getting the shading and light source spot on.

Just looking for some feedback really to see what people think…

10/06/07 Uni finished for summer so I’ve had more time to put more effort into this competition. This is my final entry. Was hoping to hear some more feedback.
I wanted to make the logo more than just a logo so that it contributed to the function of the shoe with the strap and pull etc.
Would be great to here what you guys think…


The_Boogey_Man: Hi, for a first shoe rendering it is not bad at all, remember the first thing to do before you spend time on your rendering is to get the proportion right. if you have the proportion right( the shoe), everything will flow easily. :smiley:

Since I updated this thought I’d bump it.

Thanks for the initial feedback Flight. Look forward to hearing some more…

Nice and clean design I really like it
Also noticed that the date for preliminary judging and result
announcement is over have you heard any news on the status of this competition?

Forgot I posted this. Not sure whats going on with this competition, check the website the other day and no mention of anything.

Looking at my work now I can see how off the proportions are! Oh well. At least I’ve learnt.

Hey, learning is what is all about. Competitions are a funny thing, you never know how they are being run, what the judges are looking for, and if they just had a bad day… but (not to be too corny), you’ve already won if you’ve learned something during the process, you classmates who didn’t take the extra time and effort missed out on that learning.

Looking at your first render, to your second, there is an apparent huge leap in terms of understanding the shoe.

Anybody knows some new about the contest?
the date to announce the first judgement was 08…

Just noticed the 5 finalist have been selected by the jury
(see the competition homepage)
But they havent announced the names.
I made 2 designs but obviously didnt make it to the finals,
have you heard anything from the jury Bogey Man?