Up and coming Designers/Firms

Hi there!

I was wondering who the C77 community thought we up and coming designers and/or firms in the realm of product design and packaging?

Perhaps less mainstream than the likes of Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid or even Dror… but just as interesting or forward looking.

My thoughts were perhaps

Aru Liden
Mike & Maaike

Who else?


Really? No one has thoughts/opinions?

Hopefully… they all are.

If you use the search function, you will find a quite extensive thread of design firms.
Many if not most of the ones listed would fit your criteria.

Hard to know what is considered up and coming. For example would consider Scott Wilson up and coming or already arrived?

Well since Mike & Maaike were recently bought by a company called GOOGLE, I would say they have made it.
They are also proof you can be successful without a good website because theirs is the worst, like IDSA bad. :laughing:

Mike and Maaike - definitely. There are a lot of design practitioners of exactly the same skill level and quality. Hard to say who is better. However, the real verdict can only be made by looking at how many years have they managed to stay profitable in the field of product design.