Unscientific question brought on by curiousity

Where did you see Obama’s inauguration?

  • Live TV
  • Live on the internet
  • Delayed on the 'net
  • Never bothered, I have a life!

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On the front page, there was a blog post about how the second most memorable thing people saw on TV was the inauguration of Barack Obama. Just curious how many hear watched and where.

at work we all went into the big room and saw it on a projector.

They had it on the TV but I couldn’t hear it so I effectively didn’t watch it.

delayed on tv later that night.

I was going to watch in online, but the TV was right there, and I could work on my laptop then.

Listened online on NPR. By the time I logged in the streams were too slow for video.

Online via the CNN & Facebook partnership. I didn’t encounter any problems streaming the feed.

Saw it in person… it was very powerful with so many people there


I was listening to Adam Carolla podcasts today. During the inauguration, he kept asking, “Is it always this way?” and the other people responded, “I don’t know, this is the first one I’ve seen!”

I guess this is the TV event of the last seven years at least.

I have not head anything about the tv ratings on this. (2 out of 3 households or whatever).

but i think it was more than the tv event of the last 7 years, how bout event in general?? i did not get too crazy about it, but i did think it was a big deal of sorts. but what was the last time that many people gathered for anything in the states? and not just gathered, but in the freezng cold with no chance of even being able to hear or see whats going on, but just wanting to “be there”.

maybe if you added up all the black friday shoppers nationwide it might be about the same #'s under similar circumstances.