Unreal (*Warning - large images*)

unofficial shakycam already on the net. if you’ve seen it you know how amazing this is. no released video, but official website is up:


and heres some pics…all done in REALTIME:


i’m feeling stupid.

actually that dude isnt right. he’s only normalmapped. not virtual displacement mapped. dont know why. thinking the scene shots arent v-disp either. can see low-rez profiles on shapes. the engine does v-displacement which is much better. no low-rez profiles. guessing the screenshots are engine-feature specific. dude shot is to show normalmap quality. scene shot is to show HDRI. other shots for other features. but no v-disp shot that i saw. damn. hoping to get an answer.

You mean it looks like that while you walk through the game?! Holy smokes!!

Lucky for me I just bought a new, freakin fast computer. I might actually have to buy a game for it.

this is a tech demo. engine wont be out til 2006. needs newest highest-end video card. but some new games wont be far off. the HDRI tech (the scene shot) isnt out yet dont think. but the happy alien dude is only normalmapped. thats not new. games out this summer will have critters like him. maybe with smaller texture maps tho. but still waiting on answer to the virtual displacement. shakycam video had it. this official webpage doesnt show any. THAT’s the cool stuff. except dont know now what was v-displaced and what wasnt.

heres a link to shakycam: http://www.pcgameworld.com/details.php/get/9713 (guess its semi-official now).

got answer. most of it anyway. some coders were saying it couldnt be used on character models. so reply skewed to that issue:

"It can be used on characters (the renderer is unified), but we haven’t found a case where it looks significantly nicer than normal maps. On stationary walls it looks great, but on moving characters, you don’t really notice it well enough. "

noticed the statues didnt have it either. hasnt responded to that tho. oh well.