unpaid invoice

yes, I agree with Richard.

For unpaid invoice, from a BIG company, you are dealing with a secretary? Who has since been replaced? No one will get results persuing this action.

  1. First and all subsequent requests for payment must go to your primary contact at BIG Co., the person who signed contract, worked with you, etc.

  2. Get to know the accounts payable person at BIG Co. Contact them directly as well in addition to #1.

  3. Contact #1’s and #2’s boss, department boss, or both if different people, and include #1 in any such communication.

  4. If possible, do it personally when visiting them. I did this once, knocked on CFO’s office door, introduced myself and purpose of that days visit and then segued into unpaid invoice issue.

  5. In all communication include your invoice. Do not give anyone opportunity for excuses for not having the information.

In project managment school a lot of time is spent on budgeting, invoicing and accounts payable follow up. They’re all linked, and if you don’t do it properly chances are you will experience problems.

i had been paid finally.

other party has apologized profusely.

my invoice was mysteriously put “on hold” after reading a series of forwarded emails mistakenly attached to an email sent to me.

like i mentioned, i had to use their forms, not mine, and trusted them to follow through with the said agreements on their own documents. they violated their own written rules, which i complained about.