unmet needs of designers


I’m doing some initial research on my thesis project. I would love to hear your thoughts if possible:

Designers spend a lot of time thinking about user’s unmet needs, but I’m wondering if you could share your own stories (or what you’ve heard) of unmet needs in designer’s working process and personal life. What are some frustrations and pain points for a designer? (e.g. poor performance of some tools, hard to explain what you do, etc…)
Or perhaps could you also recommend some research that has being done before?
I’m focusing more on interaction/UX designers, but all other fields are welcome!

This research paper is a great example:
What designers want: Needs of interactive application designers

Thanks a lot in advance!

I’m just getting started and in senior year as well, but just some thoughts:

  • It can be tough to get good research a lot of the time. We are doing a packaging project now and it is tough to walk up to someone in the grocery aisle and ask them what they have trouble with. I am always a little skeptical if someone comes up to me on the street, for example, and would not want to come off as sketchy to those poor shoppers!

  • School can be very slow paced compared to a job. In the two ID internships I’ve been in, I have been surprised at the pace. While different fields within ID must have different development schedules, I would hate to be a designer with so much on their plate that they have to rush through the whole design process and be unsatisfied with the deliverables. However, the pace of a job is refreshing and with enough people working on a job project, it is nice that a project is less likely to stagnate compared to one at school (again, this from my limited experience).

What’s the goal here? I’ve seen many student projects try to design for designers because it’s close to home and easy. Is there a real market need? What size is the market? How would you look at the problem from a business vs. design standpoint?

Designing for “yourself” is a trap many student projects fall into to avoid a more in depth analysis. Your premise may be valid but I would take a second look at it especially if it is a thesis project.


Unmet needs of designers close to the weekend?

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I’ve always wondered why there wasn’t a public database of all the research done by every student designer that other students can reference off of when doing similar projects. I feel it would be a great starting point for student designers, let common knowledge be easily shared with everyone and help shave off a couple hours early in the research phase.


And in an easy to understand format! Looking through academic papers for my thesis has been terrible.
I guess the tricky part would be verifying that the research was done well, they would have to record a full method and everything.