University of MN is developing a ID program?

Anyone know anything about it? I happened to stumble across an old post on this site about the plans to start an ID program at U of M last night…so I then decided to google some more and found this: job details -- error encountered

So it seems they are in the process of starting an ID program. I live in Minneapolis, MN and I just got accepted at U of Wisconsin Stout (next door state), so this is interesting to hear now. I wonder what their program will be like, as the Twin Cities supposedly is a mecca for many types of design and advertising as well. I did some more googling and found out MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) used to offer ID but got rid of the program in the 90’s. They were the only school in all of MN to offer ID. Too bad. I wonder why they got rid of ID and instead now have (gulp…) Furniture Design? Anyone familiar with any of this, please reply.