University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
I got accepted to the mechanical engineering program but if I go there I am planning to double major with Industrial design
How good is their ID program?Anyone heard of it ?

Contact Mark Arends. He’s the head of the department.

I went there years ago. Not really sure how the program is now.

if you want to know about ID at UIUC send me an e-mail

Still be glad to answer queations, I am currently a senior in the program.

So, I started at UIUC in Mech E and wanted to double in ID. Shortly thereafter, I realized I was crazy. They’re 2 of the most time-consuming majors UIUC offers (along with all the other engineering depts, and Mark Arends Head of the ID dept is well aware of this, and will be skeptical to your pursuit (as he was to mine)). You can attempt this incredible feat, but it will take you no less than 6 years (this is at least how long it would have taken me, and I came in with a full year of AP college credit). ID requires 3 consecutive years of ID courses – and there are limited spaces and limited time slots. Keep in mind that ID studio classes are 3 hours/class, and with classes of about 15 people, it’s not so easy to ditch. ME has huge numbers for the first couple of years, but if you ditch those classes, you may be very very lost. My suggestion is to pick your poison – if you love physics and math, and learning how to make an engine more efficient and nanotech and all that very fun engineering stuff – do your degree in ME, if you prefer to draw, build stuff, make things ergonomic, functional and beautiful while laying off on the equations, do ID. Since you’ve already been accepted to ME, that’s great for ID because Mark Arends likes engineers. He was a math major; however, ID has become very competitive in the last few years at UIUC, and if you really want to do that you need a strong portfolio. I got my BFA in ID in 2002. I’ve thought about engineering since then, but I know I made the right decision for myself. You may also consider that a number of grad schools offer ID master’s programs for engineering undergrads. The Royal College of Art in London has a program strictly geared to people of that background. I also know a guy who received a BS in ME from UIUC only to go on to UIUC’s ID grad program. He got an excellent job when he was done. The other thing you should consider is that ME and ID take altogether different approaches to problem solving. I had to change the way I thought when I switched into ID, and it was a rather difficult shift.

Oh, and as to UIUC’s ID reputation? Well, it is the oldest ID school in the country, one of very few that’s actually accredited as well as approved by IDSA (the Industrial Design Society of America). The facilities and faculty are great. It doesn’t have the same reputations as the design-only schools such as RISD or Art Center; however the program is good, and UIUC will give you a well-rounded education.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Initials: EC, I did do the Canoe trip my senior year, and I can’t remember the rest, but I was in London my jr year as a study abroad student.

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you figured it out! I have a job in SF working as a project manager. Life is excellent. Lots of networking and cool design events. I haven’t worked out who you are yet. Give me some hints

My sophomore year, your senior year, you really liked the forms Jessica and I were doing with our pre-natal communication concept. I was one of the few sophomores that was ALWAYS at studio, and often in the senior studio looking for tips/advice/conversation. I have a great recollection for day to day non-happenings that most forget.

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I took over IDSA treasurer after Frank

well, i can’t say my memory is that fabulous, and the last couple years have been a whirlwind, so, I’m at a loss. email me at my full name (no spaces, underscores) @yahoo.