University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Hi, excuse me

I was wondering what the ID program at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign is like, if anyone knows and if it is any good.

Thankyou very much ^_^, Happy New Year

UIUC has a pretty solid program.
The better students coming out of this program really learn how to think through design problems and employ a good design process.

The emphasis on technical skills generally isn’t as strong as @ CCS, Cincinatti, CIA, etc. but knowing that ahead of time you can leverage resources like (gnomon workshop videos), core77, product design forums, etc. to ensure you are learning those skills.

Consider the fact that it is a university and not an art school, so depending on your learning style and preference that may waeigh in. The engineering, business, marketing, psychology, etc. programs offer great opportunities for inter-departmental projects and study.

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It’s a good place. If you work hard at developing your sketching and or technical skills you’ll do all right. It is a stronger choice then other IL schools for ID. Also UIUC has one of the largest alumni associations in the world so that dose not hurt, also the broad range of majors and people you will get to interact with everyday. The campus is nice. If you like to shop the internet is pretty much your only choice. But there are hundreds of restaurants to go to.

Hey supra_stephe, yea this weekend I went to check it out. Hm the building was okay, I liked the display of the projects that the ID kids did though. I also met one of the students and he said he enjoyed the program. Im deciding between Cincinnati and UIUC. He also talked about working with other kids to do projects, like doing a packaging product with the food science kids, and yes MANY restaurants. Also the student mentioned there being a job fair.

cool, I’m glad you came down and gave it a look. You might have even seen my desk. Anyway, yeah job fair was last weekend and it gets better every year. Have you been to any other schools for tours yet? People have said that we have a nice shop but I think it could be better.

Ive visited Cincinnati’s DAAP, which is the other college was deciding with. Although my decision is coming down to money, since its in state.

I have been accepted to the graduate program of ID in UIUC and ACCD, but I have not enough fund to go to the latter. So I intend to go to UIUC. Could you give me more information on this program? I will come to UIUC from China, Shanghai. And I also like to know if I can take half-liquid pigment to USA on airplane for it sells much more expensive in USA than in China, I guess. Thank you.

june, You should just mail yourself the stuff your talking about in the mail.

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