University of Illinois Champaign or University of Cincinnati

Could some people please give their thoughts? Even though UC is supposidly better, is it worth being 40-50k more in debt? If i goto UofI I’ll range from 20-40k in debt and Cincinnati would roughly be 60-80k in debt, these with out scholarships? I told my family i’d goto UofI and mainly because of financial issues, although I cannot get rid of UC of the back of my mind. One could say to go for the dreams and if you really want to it’ll be worth it, yet I dont even know if i’d be able to pay off that much debt in 10 years.


Personally, I would go to the school that you think will give you the best education and experience. Its hard to really quantify how much debt one school is worth over another.

In addition, the interest rates on student loans are pretty low compared to many other loans (for a car or a house), so don’t let money distract you throughout the next four-five years.

I’m not saying this is the case, but you could look at it this way.

20k in debt to get and education/job that you may not be looking for is not a good deal.

40k in debt for an education/career you love… bargain…

well both are in ID hm…

This is getting rediculous… every week there is another kid asking about the difference between UC and some other state institution. And every time they ask there is a resounding response that Cincinnati is the better school. And everytime the reason for that is the co-op program and facilities.

I’m not saying Illinois isnt a good school. I happen to work with a UI grad and he’s one of our best designers. But in general Cincinnati is one of the best schools for design in the country. If you get accepted and really are serious about becoming a designer then you should probably go there. Even if that means taking out more loans, the cash you make from co-op will help and the good job you get after school (if you play your cards right) will be more than worth it.

Again you can become a good designer no matter where you go to school, but Cincy is a cut above.

sigh its actually just a few kids, including me. so…yea…

G’s gonna break! :wink:

I’m with you. It’s pretty funny and it becomes pretty obvious what the choice is.